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Fired up, ready to go

November 12, 2012

This week we found out who would be the president of the United States of America, and Ohio played a major role in deciding this.

One of Obama's phrases 'fired up, ready to go' was a big part of his last campaign and was started by a woman called Edith Childs. It became a rally cry that took the nation of America by storm. One woman who started a cry and rallied a nation to sing her words.

It got me thinking about our play and if one person is really capable of making a difference in this world. When thinking about Lear, I think it is safe to say that every character has some form of help from another human or army to aid them, whether for good or bad. All except Edgar.

Edgar flees his home in terror, he transforms himself to the basest and most poorest shape and takes on the wrath of mother nature. He finds the king in a state of madness and helps him realise that man is no more then flesh and bone. He helps his blinded father rediscover a thirst for life and finally avenges his fathers death by taking on the bastard Edmund. He goes from being a gullible boy at the start of the play, to a strong young man by the end. It is his human spirit and self discovery that aid him in his dark times.

Throughout our history we have examples of one person who has made a difference or started a revolution to bring better times. So the next time someone tells you that one person cannot make a difference, think of Edith Child's cry 'FIRED UP, READY TO GO'.

by Dharmesh Patel  |  1 comment

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Nov 21, 10:37pm
S Mogan

Sorry it was my daughter who put a sweet wrapper in your paper cup when Poor Tom asked for a pity and mercy. As she was getting a bit tired and fidgety (it was a bit late), I gave her a little sweet and told her to keep the wrapper in her pocket. You came to her just at the right timing with a paper cup holding out towards her.

Thank you all for a great performance tonight. We really enjoyed it.

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