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April 5, 2013

Ray Fearon in rehearsalIt's snowing outside! But in our rehearsal room in Clapham, we are starting to warm up. New additions to our company are fitting in nicely and we are all starting to remember our roles. The muscles remember even if the mind does not.

We are on a plane in a few days. Time to pack enough clothes for all weathers to be found in a month. Heard it was bitterly cold in NY last week. Oh goody.

I am starting to remember what made this production such a hit last time: it is full of passion. Exemplified by the two great Mark Antony scenes in the play.

It is an awfully clever play. I am sitting at the back of the rehearsal room and all the other actors not in the scene are watching intently. We have done this play 140 times I'm told. And still lines are being spoken that I haven't heard before. Maybe I should listen harder. Or maybe it is just incredibly textured text. Perhaps a bit of both.

It also allows those of us who would normally be getting changed backstage to watch scenes we have not seen since Stratford (ah, lovely Stratford. We miss you.)

Am feeling the dread/ excitement of the possibility (remote, I suspect) of going on as an understudy. Gulp. Lines lines lines. Already starting to whisper in my ear at night. You know, I could have been a lawyer. Why did I not listen to my mother? Sigh. I often say that to myself.

See you soon.

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