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Cards and kind gestures

September 17, 2012

King Lear Greetings card made up of words fromt he playYesterday was a significant day: we had our press performance, and the last performance with director Tim Crouch at the helm.

It was a day marked with cards and kind gestures. I was caught off-guard as I seemed to be the only person who didn't have cards for everyone - and I deduced that this was press performance etiquette, and something I will chalk down to another lesson learned on my road to professional directing. Give cards - don't just receive them! I'll know for next time.

There were thematic Christmas cards, King Lear cards, charity cards. All beautiful.

I was unaware of the tradition of giving production themed cards, and was thoroughly impressed that the actors creativity was not bound to acting, but also to graphic design.

Pile of King Lear cardsWe also said goodbye to Tim, and to Lily Arnold, the designer of the show. Now it is in the hands of the cast and the remaining company to maintain the show, while allowing it to evolve and adapt and to be absorbed by the actors.

The goodbye with Tim reminded me of the moment when I got the stabilizers taken off my bicycle and I took to the pavement. I remember thinking 'concentrate on the steering, maintain your pace and keep one hand near to the breaks... forget about where you are going and enjoy making ground and going forward. Oh, and use the bell when coming round the bend!

No more metaphors for now - I think I'll get started on my own bicycle themed cards and give them when least expected.

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