Whispers from the Wings

Cakes and congratulations

May 11, 2012

Monday 16th April we gather at the RSC rehearsal rooms back in Clapham where we started work on Written over eight months before.

My bus journey takes me to rehearsal along St. John's Road in Clapham Junction where I witnessed the damage the rioters had caused back in August. There is now no evidence of the broken windows and fire damage along the length of that street. All is back to how it was. Life goes on.

In the company two large events have happened since we last met. Greg Doran has been appointed the new Artistic Director of the RSC. I, among many others, am extremely pleased at this. He is hugely talented, a great Shakespearian, a man with deep commitment to and long experience of the RSC. A very popular and wise decision by the Board.

The second event is news that our writer David Edgar has got married. Lots of congratulations all round. At the tea break David presents us with delicious slices of the wedding cake. Then Jim Hooper unwraps two cakes he has baked for us all. I love cake. A great tea break.

It is five weeks since we left Stratford. Owing to the rare luxury of continued employment most of the actors have been globetrotting. Stories of visits to New York, Vietnam, Seville, Turkey, Morocco and Southwold.

We have been emailed some alterations to the text which we now rehearse. Small changes to clarify some confusions which became apparent in performance. It will now be much clearer that Launcelot Andrewes is played as both a young and older man by two actors. Also that the young Catholic priest who visits Tyndale in his cell in Flanders, becomes fifty years later in the Yorkshire Church Scene the now somewhat Puritan Archdeacon played by my good self. Also the time changes will be signalled by projecting the dates onto the set.

The Duchess is a wider but much shallower stage than the Swan so we begin to alter the entrances, moves and positions accordingly.

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