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April 9, 2013

hotel lobby in BrooklynThis is a picture of the lobby in our hotel. Swanky isn't it? Brooklyn is great. There are really good food places and you could write a book just based on the snatches of conversation that one hears as you are walking down the street.

It feels as if we are all appearing in a Hollywood movie just walking down the streets. And I am already starting to pick up the accent! I am a traitor to my nation. We leave and Margaret Thatcher dies! I don't know what to say about that.

We start rehearsals tomorrow and there is an awful lot of college sports on TV. Which is nice.

I clumsily mentioned to some of the wonderful organisers from BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music, where we are performing) that I didn't really like New York. Oops. But I have already changed my mind. It seems like a little village. Just rough enough around the edges to make a South Londoner like me feel at home. You can see why so many people want to live here.

The weather was very warm today (sorry) which means I have brought the wrong clothes, again (please refer to my previous entry on Moscow), which means I may have to go shopping. Sigh. Most of us have spent a chunk of our money buying phones that work out here and can contact home, so we will be living on theatre party buffets for the next few days.

Already worrying about which job I will get next. Just enjoy it, Andrew. Live in the present. Good advice for anyone, but especially actors. No better place to stay present than New York. And yet...

The show is generating a great deal of excitement. Starting to feel like stars. Which we are. For a little while.

I miss Ribena. And my son. And a heating system I can control! But it would be churlish to complain. The RSC is clearly a different ball game to other tours that I have done here.

But my mind drifts to the wonderful company I toured the States with last time. Wish they were here. The Brunette says the time I am here will pass quickly. But what does she know? She's so sleep deprived that she thinks the moon comes up in the morning. Feel guilty for leaving so much of my life behind whilst I go gallivanting around the world. But this is the life I have chosen. Or did it choose me?

Any of my friends will tell you that I am the very definition of an actor. I have been since I was young. But I'm growing a beard now. And there is more salt than pepper on my chin. How did that happen? I found an old picture as I was packing for this trip. I look so young. Does acting keep you young? Or does it age you before your time?

There is so much life here, one can't help but feel invigorated. I'm very lucky. Woody Allen once said that he liked the air in New York, that he didn't trust air he couldn't see. It's a good line but there is a grain of truth in it, too. There is something in the air here. I will try and bottle it and bring some back for you.

Until then, think no ill of me.

by Andrew French  |  2 comments

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Apr 13, 4:26am

Whut accent? I ain't got no accent?

That's Brooklynese for, "I'm tawkin' nawmal, youz are da ones tawkin' funny!"

Looking forward to the show.

Apr 14, 3:24pm

Brilliant performance of Julius Caesar at the BAM last night, enjoyed by both myself and my teenage daughter. What a talented, talented group of actors and musicians. Yes, you are stars!
Hopefully you didn't shop for clothes before the weather cooled down.
Wear your salt & pepper beard with pride. You look great.
Enjoy your stay in New York.

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