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Bodies, beers and Burns

January 31, 2014

So we continue rehearsing understudy roles for Bring Up the Bodies now. This is where I volunteered to take on the cover of Sir John Seymour. It turns out that I would be playing my own role of Norfolk in the public understudy run, so it hasn't really involved me in too much extra time commitment. It's a privilege to work with this company, most of whom seem to be working much harder than I am, and all with smiles and spirit.

Sunday turned out to be a great day off with roast beef at The Fleece Inn with an old friend of forty years who lives nearby. The Fleece is simply the best pub in the world. They always have some beers I've never heard of, and any of which I'm happy to try confident that they are all terrific.

We began lunch in a somewhat melancholy mood having read the notice on the door of the village shop announcing closure because it was no longer economically viable. It resonated somewhat profoundly with us as we sat on ancient chairs in an ancient pub that could even have played host to the third Duke of Norfolk had he been passing by.

A vital piece of traditional English culture had struggled for life and its death throes were painfully written up on its forever closed door. We whipped ourselves for not supporting our own local traders and mourned the slow extinction of so much that we valued.

After lunch we walked around the church and found the notice of a share issue for a new community shop that is planning to open its doors later this year. It was viscerally uplifting as we drank in a new spirit of vitality. I even bought some shares, there and then. I have a stake in the future of Bretforten!

Heaps of neeps
In the evening Nick Boulton (Duke of Suffolk) hosted a marvellous Burns night. Entry was by a bottle of whisky and a Scottish poem. There was haggis, of course, with neeps and tatties, wonderful whisky sauce and cheerful company.

Mat Pigeon treated us to a wonderful reading of Tam O'Shanter. I wore a kilt and sporran I had bought on Ebay. Loved it.

I didn't give you a picture with my last blog and don't have a particularly relevant one this week, so I give you a photo of Holy Trinity Church that I'm working on. I hope you like it.

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