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August 19, 2014

Roger and MossupMy little show continues to go well, I had a particularly enjoyable evening performance where I thought that I detected the faint rustle of a bag of goodies emanating from the front row, I decided that a closer inspection was warranted, which seemed to concern My Roger a little - not sure that he appreciates my ad libbing.

I frequently get asked how I got into my chosen profession, well I am part of a large family of canine and feline actors.

Roger and Mossup on stageOne of my predecessors, Ria, is a particular heroine of mine.

She appeared in many films and television commercials and also as Crab in the 2005 RSC production. I had to fight back the tears when I realised that I was going to follow in her paw prints and also trot the boards at Stratford-upon-Avon.

This is the great lady herself with Andrew Melville as her Launce in 2005.

Of course, with my great intellect in addition to my considerable beauty, the offers of employment have been constant, but I do pick my work very carefully, choosing each piece on its own particular merits.

My performance as the Aldi Easter bunny is a case in point. Other notable high points have been Dr Dylan Keogh's dog Dervla in Casualty, Mossie in the BBC's Topsy and Tim and a small, but important cameo role in Mr Mike Leigh's film biography of JMW Turner (not too sure who he was , actually, but I think he may have been some sort of painter, whether on house walls or canvas, I'm not entirely certain).

I managed to use my influence to get some friends added to the cast, although their parts were obviously less dramatically significant than my own. Note Mabel the snorting Pug again, with Milo and Poppi.

Mabel, Milo and Poppi

In spite of my great fame I am not one of those great stars who object to being held in public acclaim, you will not find me objecting to the paparazzi and refusing to sign pawtographs.

Just the other night one of my adoring fans had waited at the theatre to try to catch a glimpse of me. I obliged him by running through some of my party pieces and allowing him to be photographed with me. This was a young man of great perspicacity and obvious good taste who reads my modest blogging efforts, and had requested as a special birthday treat, a trip to see me starring at Stratford. It was lovely to meet you.

Love from Mossup

Pawprint for dog blog




Mossup is part of the A1 Animals team.

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Aug 19, 5:15pm
Lynn Phillips

I was particularly impressed with the scarves that have obviously been inspired by you. An excellent idea for the fashion conscious! (I of course possess one!)

Sep 1, 12:59pm
Paula Lock

Dear Ms Mossup,

Congratulations on your performance as Crab in Two Gentleman of Verona. Your transformation from female to male is stupendous. The way you wear your kerchief, and sport your whiskers, not to mention your manly gait, is inspired. A true Roaring Girl!

PS. Is it true that Ms Dillon took a lead from you for her performance as Mad Moll???

Lots of love and Milky Biscuits.

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