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A Life of Galileo previews

February 15, 2013

The set for Galileo, with telescopeWell that's preview number three down and dusted. We're changing lots everyday. Our call is usually 11am for notes and then we work through different bits. Same routine as always.

You'd think I'd be getting bored of it all but the thrill of putting on a new play for an audience for the first time is always new and exciting. The prospect of only having show calls around the corner is fuelling us all a little too I'm sure.

What are show calls? Being called to work for the evening's show and not for rehearsals basically. When all three plays are done, and all three understudy performances are under wraps then you have your days to yourself and only need to be at work when you are first called for that evening's show. Show calls. 'Show calls only'....ahhhh.

However. There is loads to do before then. I'm not locking off the downstage screen properly at the moment. I now need to sneak on the telescope between scene 7 and 8. Need to move the upstage trolley after Nia Gwynn in scene 2. Am only throwing two hoops at Joan Iyola during the carnival now etc.

The scene changes are the most heavy going. We've spent a lot of time working on them. They're all choreographed by Struan Leslie, the Head of Movement, and are a play of their own really. So in many ways we end up drilling the scene changes rather than rehearsing them. How else can it be done though right?

The human brain is capable of processing a huge number of different stimuli at the same time but right now, my brain can only focus on one thing. Whatever is directly in front of my face. It's become a battle to try and think two steps or more ahead. Not ideal for an actor in a play with many many cues to remember. But somehow, like magic, it works out fine.

The team are superb. The backstage area is its usual flurry of controlled chaos. Perfectly managed by our Stage Manager Suzi Blakey and Julia Wade who takes over sometimes.

I'm really looking forward to letting this one bed in and see what the audiences think of it after a couple of weeks. It's pretty great.

Off for an understudy fitting now but will check in again after press night. Not long now!

by Youssef Kerkour  |  No comments yet

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