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A bit of a knee trembler

February 7, 2014

Maybe it was because I had volunteered to do it and it was a bit like putting my head on the block. Maybe it was because the actor that I am covering was in the audience. Maybe it was because some of the things I have to say expect a bit of a laugh (do get more than a bit of a laugh when Paul says them) and so timing them around an audience at my very first attempt would be a bit of a test.

But I haven't been so nervous for years. My pulse was racing and my left knee actually trembled as I waited in the wings.

And I had two small scenes to play in the public understudy run. Maddy Hyland was playing three different parts, Giles Taylor and Nick Boulton were playing the absolutely key roles of Wolsey and Henry, and Oscar Pearce barely left the stage in two and a half hours!

So it was a rather humbling experience for me. But I'm so glad I did it. There's nothing like conquering fear — and being close to the edge without falling off — to get the blood running. It's as close as I'll ever get to dangerous sport, that's for sure.

A bit of time off
So the second public understudy run is done and now we don't have to rehearse every day any more. After a most pleasant Sunday drive to Chipping Camden, where the low golden sun was 'lending its blessing' to the honey coloured stone, and lunch of beautifully rare roast beef at the Lygon Arms, I plan to read, relax and play some golf in the coming week. Marvellous.

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