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A drunken idiot and a crazed, power-hungry butler

July 24, 2014

We are over half way through the rehearsal process now, and things are starting to get a teeny bit stressful. I've been a part of GYP for over three years, and every year I seem to forget that we have a week and a half to practice a typically two-hour Shakespearean masterpiece. Ah.

There's no experience like it and I love every minute of it, even when you come home at 10pm most nights after flailing under, around and about a patchwork gaberdine/island/boat, and you begin to lose yourself in the tempest. It's all part of the fun of GYP.

Obvious Shakespeare jokes aside, we're getting close to the start of our tour and our rehearsal process seems to have gone by so quickly. Seeing 'TECH' and 'DRESS' looming in my diary is exciting, but worrying. I don't want this to end as fast as it is.

Last Saturday we had our first 'sort-of' performance, showing a preview selection of scenes at Cheltenham's 'Party in the Park'. Nerves aside, I think it went rather well. I got to act like a drunken idiot and a crazed, power-hungry butler for forty minutes – my specialties.

My favourite moments of that day had to be a toddler running into a scene, and some Harry Potter enthusiasts yelling 'Expelliarmus' during the tempest. From this awesome audience involvement alone, I think it's going to be a great show.

Why you ask? Well, look at our picture from 'Party in the Park' – don't you think we look like a lovely, talented bunch who you would love to see re-enact the words of the Bard?

GYP group photo

My next task: to properly learn how to say 'boatswain'. For some reason it's proving to be a little bit of a challenge.

Until next time!

'Swum ashore man, like a duck' – Trinculo, The Tempest

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