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David Troughton

March 9, 2015

David, playing the exuberant Simon Eyre in The Shoemakers' Holiday, has over 20 RSC performances to reflect on. While he tells me 'a play can be whatever you want it to be' it is clear that he has his own preferences with Shakespeare.

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Nick Haverson

January 16, 2015

Nick Haverson, working at the RSC for the first time, has important roles in all three plays this season.

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Michelle Terry

December 30, 2014

Michelle set her heart on acting when she was quite young, but had enough sense to think that it might not happen. 'I could do Shakespeare forever, I love him,' she says.

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Edward Bennett

December 30, 2014

'I could happily spend the rest of my life here, doing Shakespeare,' Ed tells me. But he knows that you can only take what you are given.

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David Rintoul

November 25, 2014

David Rintoul has been with us for the Roaring Girls Season in which we have seen him in The Roaring Girl, The White Devil and The Witch of Edmonton.

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On Their Feet and On The RSC Stage all 300 of them!

November 4, 2014

The RSC this term has provided a magical footpath to Shakespeare by bringing together Stratford's school children to perform their version of Henry IV Part I and II and Henry V.

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Who is Silvia?

September 15, 2014

I caught up with Sarah MacRae in her final week playing Sylvia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona in Stratford.

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Toolkit Shakespeare

August 26, 2014

Earlier this year the RSC equipped every state-maintained primary school with a Toolkit to give young children a taste of Shakespeare and to set them on a pathway of discovery.

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Oliver Ford Davies

July 21, 2014

Oliver Ford Davies has a wealth of experience as a Shakespearean actor and can make us see anew what we might have taken for granted about a text. He plays Justice Shallow in Henry IV, Part II.

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Jasper Britton

June 20, 2014
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Jasper Britton shares his journey as an actor that led him to play King Henry IV, in Gregory Doran's productions of Henry IV Part I & II.

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