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Feel the fear and do it anyway

July 16, 2012

It's a funny thing, fear. You can assemble some of the finest actors in the business, actors with a CV as long as your arm, actors with a wealth of enviable stage 'n' screen credits and yet would you believe that we're all still terrified?

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Strawberry. Raspberry. Dogberry?

July 10, 2012

'...Hey y'all! How YOU doin'? I could sure moider a cuppa cawfee...' Okay, so nobody ACTUALLY said that. But, yep, Monday of week three kicked-off with the arrival of The Wooster Group.

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Rehearsals begin

July 3, 2012

Everything suddenly going very fast with time racing away... here we are well into the second week of rehearsals, and 30 or so opinions are being brought to bear on the world I am trying to create as the cast and rest of the creative team start to focus on the play in earnest.

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The Stratford school trip

July 2, 2012

With my first blog out of the way, I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. Thanks to all of you who've read it so far and thanks for the kind comments made via social media (likes, retweets etc). It's much-appreciated!

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