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Job 3 - Turn up for First Day of Rehearsals at least 15 minutes early

February 17, 2012
Theatre Craft thumb

We started rehearsals with a meet and greet and then got stuck in to our first two weeks of workshop: improvisations, games, team-buliding exercises, etc.

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February 16, 2012
British Library thumb

In the run-up to Christmas I head down to the British Library. It takes them some convincing of my worthiness of a permanent reader's card, and in the end I have to bring out the secret weapon (RSC headed note paper).

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The Assistant Director

February 14, 2012

'And what exactly is an assistant director?' is the usual response when I try to explain to people what it is I do 'for a living'.

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India bound

February 11, 2012
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Delhi at 3am we are met as arranged at the airport and discover that while we have been airborne Iqbal has got his visa approved at the last gasp, so will be joining us tomorrow as planned, a great relief on both fronts.

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Preparing for India

February 6, 2012
thumbnail India

I am off to India this week to research for Much Ado About Nothing. I have never been and am excited and nervous to be designing the show for the Courtyard Theatre in July. The plan, led by Iqbal Khan as director, is to create a production that comes out of India now, perhaps with a Punjabi feel, not a romanticised India of the past.

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Endless possibilities

February 2, 2012
courtyard thumbnail

A trip to Stratford before we go to India to show Iqbal and Kieran, the lighting designer, around The Courtyard. It is the first time they have seen the space, which to me is a much loved friend. Strange to find it sitting there waiting.

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