Whispers from the Wings

These blog posts are a diary of our productions, explaining what's happening through the rehearsal process. They are written by our cast and crew. Our current bloggers are:

Vivien Parry

Vivien Parry  is debuting at the RSC with The Shoemaker's Holiday. Having just celebrated over quarter of a century as an actor she has played everything from Shakespeare to Sondheim. Outside of the theatre she is studying philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy for a degree with the Open University.

Tom Morton-Smith

Tom Morton-Smith  is a playwright whose work includes Oppenheimer, playing in the Swan Theatre in 2015. When he's not writing he spends his time trekking the high arctic wilderness.

Lizzie Hopley

Lizzie Hopley  is appearing with us for the first time this year in The Roaring Girl and Arden of Faversham. Born in Liverpool, Lizzie trained at Manchester University and RADA and is an actress and writer dedicated to developing strong and unusual roles for women.

HRT at the RSC: the era of the old bag

January 12, 2015

I am not a woman who has succumbed, as yet, to sticking pins in my face to stop its inevitable descent towards the floor and I pray I never do, but I understand the need to stay or at least appear young and I certainly don't judge any man or woman who feels the need to abate the ageing process.

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Learning Lines

Our inspirational journey in education to bring young people and Shakespeare closer together.

Teacher blogger

Teacher bloggers: experiences from some of the teachers who with us, and the impact that they see in their students.

Student blogger

Student bloggers : children and young people speak directly about how they experienced Shakespeare with us.

Jacqui O'Hanlon

Jacqui O'Hanlon  is our Director of Education. She's been an education practitioner for over 20 years working with children and young people of all ages and their teachers.

Chris White

Chris White  is an Associate Practitioner for RSC Education, before which he was assistant director on the Spanish Golden Age Season and director of Trouble and Wonder in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

The start of a journey

January 23, 2015

The Head that wears a Crown is a nationwide festival in which over 900 pupils from 50 schools from our Learning and Performance Network will perform scenes from Henry IV Parts I & II and Henry V. Neil Wood is Director of Performance at St Mary's School, Hull, which will take part in the project, together with Hull Truck Theatre.

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Musical Notes

Discovering the stories behind the music written and performed for our shows.

Richard Sandland

Richard Sandland  is our Music Operations Manager. He finds and books musicians for our shows, sources instruments, works on show changeovers, programmes keyboards and samplers, steals chairs and generally troubleshoots. He trained at the Royal College of Music as a tuba player.

Albert Cazabon and Sydney Harbour Bridge

January 19, 2015

Albert Cazabon was the son of French violinist Alphonse Casaubon and was in Stratford for two fantastically busy seasons, in 1919 and 1943.

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Pathways to Shakespeare

How did our actors and directors first find Shakespeare? What drew them to it in the first place and kept them coming back?

Viv Graver

Viv Graver  is a retired teacher, who taught Shakespeare for more than 30 years in the north of England. Her blog is a series of interviews with RSC cast and creatives about their path to Shakespeare and how they first came to it, at school and elsewhere.

Nick Haverson

January 16, 2015

Nick Haverson, working at the RSC for the first time, has important roles in all three plays this season.

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