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  • Do it on your feet 1

    Do it on your feet
    The best classroom experience we can offer is one which allows young people to approach a Shakespeare play as actors do – as an ensemble, using active, exploratory, problem-solving methods to develop a greater understanding and enjoyment of the plays.

    This image shows students taking part in a practical workshop.

    Photograph by Nick Spratling © RSC

  • Do it on your feet 2

    Do it on your feet
    By engaging directly and physically with the words and rhythms of the text, complex thoughts and language start to make sense to young people and invite instinctive and personal responses.

    This image shows young people from our Learning and Performance Network performing Shakespeare on our stages.

    Photograph by Ellie Kurttz © RSC

  • See it live 1

    See it live
    The text comes alive with the physical dynamic of the actors and the information which the set, lighting and music provide.

    This image shows students watching a Young People's Shakespeare performance of The Comedy of Errors.

    Photograph by Ellie Kruttz © RSC

  • See it live 2

    See it live
    The live experience can include performances created by the students themselves and shared with their peers as well as professional productions in school or at the theatre.

    The image shows students engaged in watching an RSC performance.

    Photograph by Rob Freeman © RSC

  • Start it earlier 1

    Start it earlier
    Most primary pupils are comfortable with the drama techniques regularly used by actors and directors. They can engage with the stories and dilemmas and find delight in using new and unusual language long before formally studying texts or seeing live performances.

    This image shows primary aged pupils from our Learning and Performance Network engaged in performance.

    Photograph by Ed Moore © RSC

  • Start it earlier 2

    Start it earlier
    In exploring Shakespeare's work actively and playing with language, young people begin to see how words shape and change the world around us.

    This image shows primary pupils taking part in a practical workshop on Shakespeare.

    Photograph by Rob Freeman © RSC

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