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Teaching Shakespeare: Online Professional Development is a ground-breaking education partnership between the Royal Shakespeare Company and the University of Warwick.

It gives you access to a unique programme of specially-created online resources and courses that blend the RSC's playful, creative and rigorous approaches to teaching and learning with the world-leading scholarship and research practices of the University of Warwick.

We know that young people get the most out of Shakespeare's plays when they approach them in the way that RSC actors do; on their feet, actively exploring the text and unlocking its meaning.

At the heart of Teaching Shakespeare is a specially-created online learning platform - available as a School Site Licence - that gives you access to a tried and tested rehearsal room approach to teaching Shakespeare. The platform provides unique insights into the artistic and teaching practices of the RSC, commentaries from leading Shakespeare scholars and practitioners from the University of Warwick, and with reflections from practising teachers.

A Teaching Shakespeare School Site Licence is available wherever you are in the world, offering you the means to teach in active ways, transforming the connections your students make with Shakespeare's plays and language.

A School Site Licence costs £295 + VAT.

Buy a site licence »

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