Day One - 'a self-sufficient community'

TabithaTabitha and Georgia's first day at the RSC on Taste of Theatre.

I'm slightly nervous. It is my first day at the RSC in Stratford upon Avon and I'm attending the Year 10 and 11 week long RSC Taste of Theatre Work Experience. I can't quite believe that I'm here, it is so exciting being in the building and we get to meet all the people from all the various RSC departments.

We've been set homework. An Apprentice Style marketing task so by Friday in teams we have to prepare and pitch a publicity schedule for the forthcoming art show created for the RSC by Bompas and Parr.

I can see for me too that this week is going to be about teamwork, hard work and hopefully a little bit of talent and creativity.

It's a surreal moment when you walk on the stage at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and today 24 of us were lucky enough to experience it.

As part of the 'Taste of Theatre' work experience week we explored the theatre, from under the stage to up in the very gods where there are more buttons and controls than Starship Enterprise!

We met many of the people who are involved in the production process, and tried some of their jobs, queuing in sound and playing out a small scene with props.

Everywhere you go there's something interesting, like a random umbrella, a bottle of fake blood or even a waxwork corpse!

Today was the first day of workshops when we learnt about several different aspects of the theatre from talks given by various members of the RSC family. We met representatives from Health and Safety, the Film Department, Press, Marketing and Merchandising and were shown that there's more to the theatre than just acting! We were shown how films are made at the RSC, how to assess upcoming productions with SWOT analysis and think about products that people might buy that are related to the company, considering how they are sourced.

There's so much more involved than you think and every single aspect is important. It's a self-sufficient community as well as just a place where productions are put on.

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