Read Voltaire's Candide on Twitter


Tweeting all of Voltaire's Candide in the run up to the opening of Mark Ravenhill's new play.

Mark has adapted the book that inspired his play into tweets of 140 characters so that everyone has the chance to read and get to know the original book in advance of his version for the stage.

He said: 'It's been a fascinating exercise. It has deepened my appreciation of Voltaire's writing: it's incredible to see how every single sentence of the book advances the story and how almost every sentence stands alone as a great quotation all by itself.

'Very occasionally I've nipped and tucked to fit the 140 character form and sometimes I've repeated a character name or place to make each Tweet able to stand alone.

'It makes me wonder which other great authors could be tweeted and which would be unsuitable. For instance, Dickens' sentences and thoughts are too long. But maybe the best way to read Finnegans Wake would be a Tweet at a time.'

Eight tweets each day will be sent out from @TweetCandide between 26 June and 29 August.

Candide – a new play by Mark Ravenhill inspired by Voltaire plays in the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon from 29 August to 26 October.

The production is directed by Lyndsey Turner and the cast is led by Matthew Needham as Candide, with Ian Redford as Pangloss and Susan Engel as Cunegonde. Other roles are taken by our current ensemble.

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