The Two Gentlemen of Verona CD

24 July 2014

Royal Shakespeare Company releases new CD of original music and speeches from the current production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Music & Speeches
From the 2014 Royal Shakespeare Company production
Directed by Simon Godwin
Music by Michael Bruce

Also featuring music from the 1938 Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Production by Anthony Bernard

This will be the third CD released by the RSC in an ongoing series of recordings aimed at capturing a taste of productions but also juxtaposing them with music composed for past productions from our archive.

RSC Head of Music Bruce O'Neil says: 'Music can often be a barometer of the differences in taste between generations, and so it is with Michael Bruce's score for Simon Godwin's current production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona, set in contemporary Italy which stylishly highlights the disjunction between a provincial, antiquated Verona and a vibrant, urban Milan.

'The same effect can be heard in the Archive selection on this CD - Anthony Bernard's music for Ben Iden Payne's 1938 Stratford production. While the songs sound 'modern' for a production of that period, the incidental music is pastiched in the style of Mozart.

'One of music's universally recognised strengths is its power of seduction, especially when encapsulated in the love song. 'Who Is Silvia?' is one of Shakespeare's best known song texts and has enjoyed settings by many celebrated composers, including Franz Schubert.

'For this RSC production, Michael Bruce has cast the song in the mould of 'Indie Ballad', as imagined from the pen of Proteus as singer-songwriter, and it is interesting to hear alongside Bernard's 1938 version, performed here by the great British Baritone, Roderick Williams.'

Tracks of music and speeches from the 2014 RSC production directed by Simon Godwin

1. Antonio's (Michael Bruce)
2. Cani e Gelati (Michael Bruce)
3. Piazza Verona (Michael Bruce)
4. Even as one heat another heat expels (Speech Act II Scene IV Proteus - Mark Arends)
5. Milano (Michael Bruce, vocals: Molly Gromadzki)
6. And why not death rather than living torment? (Speech Act III Scene I Valentine - Michael Marcus)
7. Who is Silvia (Michael Bruce, vocals Nicholas Gerard-Martin and Molly Gromadzki)
8. How many women would do such a message? (Speech Act IV Scene IV Julia - Pearl Chanda)
9. Gentle Youth (Michael Bruce)

Music by Anthony Bernard from the 1938 Shakespeare Memorial Theatre production directed by B. Iden Payne:

10. First Curtain Prelude (Anthony Bernard)
11. Prelude to Act III (Anthony Bernard)
12. Prelude to Act IV Scene II (Anthony Bernard)
13. Who is Silvia? (Anthony Bernard, Baritone: Roderick Williams)
14. Your Shining Eyes (Anthony Bernard, Baritone: Roderick Williams)
15. What Mean You by that Saying? (Anthony Bernard)

Bonus track:

16. My Love is as a Fever (Michael Bruce, vocals: Molly Gromadzki)

All RSC CDs are on sale and downloadable from iTunes. Copies of the CD, priced at £5.00, are available to order from the RSC online shop

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Issued: 24 July 2014

Notes to Editors

1. The Two Gentlemen of Verona runs in repertoire at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon until 4 September and then tours to the Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7 – 11 October 2014. It will be screened live to cinemas on 3 September. Further details of cinemas here:

2. #RSCMusicWeek will start w/b 4 August 2014 when a week dedicated to the RSC's Music department and its work will be focused on via digital and social media.

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