Response to ACE announcement

30 March 2011

RSC response to Arts Council England announcement

Michael Boyd, RSC Artistic Director, said today:

'The Arts remind us what it is to be human and thousands of arts organisations play a significant role in the social and economic life of communities throughout the UK.

'As we start to hear the news from across the arts world today, it's clear the consequences of the cuts will be far-reaching for many people and places. ACE has faced an impossibly difficult task in rebalancing its grants after a 29.6% cut in government funding, but I know they have tried hard to be strategic and our experience of the application process was that it was fair and open.

'For our own part, I'm pleased that we are well regarded by ACE and assessed as making a strong contribution to their goals. We are receiving significantly less than we asked for over the next four years and we won't be able to do all that we planned, but we will work hard with ACE over the coming months to consider what this means for our work and our audiences.

'My real concern is for those organisations who have been cut completely, and those who also face local authority cuts too. The pace of change will be hard for many to take and philanthropy for revenue funding cannot move that swiftly.

'There's an important role for us, and other big organisations, in helping others both in the West Midlands and nationally, through finding ways to share back office skills and fundraising expertise and continuing our artistic collaborations with the many, many individual artists, smaller theatre companies, schools and amateur groups whose work we already support.

'I hope we will see some longer term thinking from the government about arts funding. Whilst there is some positive news about the incredible generosity of individual donors and some tax breaks in the budget, a culture of philanthropy needs more financial incentives at all levels to sustain it. And I would like to see more collaboration between government departments which recognises the value of the arts across many other areas of policy - in education, tourism and inward investment just as much as culture.'

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