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Outside play area at the Nursery

Children who attend the RSC Nursery play in mixed age groups just as they would at home. They can move freely between a range of areas and discover new skills and interests as they play with their friends, supervised and supported by the RSC staff.

At the RSC Nursery we believe that it is essential for children to have the scope to learn through play, in a secure, relaxed and challenging environment suited to the individual child's needs.

"It is through a child's self-chosen play that so much learning takes place. This is where he is able to make decisions for himself, develop relationships in his own way and come to terms with the problems and conflicts which life presents to him." (Structuring Play in The Early Years by Manning & Sharp 1977)


The ground floor consists of a large, bright open plan area with a book corner where the children can be comfortable with story books, factual books, tapes and the opportunity to use puppets.

The ground floor also has:

  • Wet and dry sand trays.
  • Water Play Area
  • A fully equipped working kitchen area where the children can bake and create
  • Small and large construction materials, including a woodwork bench. The large construction bricks are in wheeled boxes so that the children may choose to use them in different areas.
  • Area for malleable materials e.g. Playdough/cooking
  • Writing area to encourage mark making and early attempts at writing.
  • Creative and messy area where children can develop their own creative ideas selecting and mixing resources.
  • Music area with bought and home-made sound making instruments.
  • Imaginative play areas, inside home corner and outside play house, shop, large bus, telephone box, rocking horse. Dolls house, farm, garage and other small world equipment.
  • Nature and interest table and outside a space to dig, and closely observe worms and insects, plant seeds and watch things grow.
  • Topic and theme tables focusing for instance on colour, a letter sound, shape, magnetism or various senses.
  • Units containing a variety of learning equipment such as specific mathematical and scientific apparatus, including scales, matching, sorting, ordering, sequencing, and measuring equipment, magnifying glasses, magnets and collections of interesting objects for the children to handle. There are also table top and floor games and puzzles.

The first floor consists of two rooms for our under twos and includes:

  • Play Areas where the children are able to safely explore their surroundings. This area consists of various activities where children can develop their language and communication skills, use their imagination and learn through play. Activities include puzzles, Duplo, and Play People, tea sets, building bricks, musical toys, dolls house and a garage with cars.
  • Creative Area to encourage children in mark-making, painting and other messy play activities with various materials that are on offer to them.
  • Book Corner where books can be independently explored and a big comfy sofa for snugly stories and songs.
  • Snack Area, the children all enjoy sitting together for snack time. This encourages the children to have social time as a group.
  • Sleep Room where children, under the close supervision of staff, can have a peaceful sleep when they are feeling tired.
  • Decked area to encourage outside exploration and gross motor physical development.

We also have an extensive woodland garden there is space for exploration, climbing, running, jumping, role-play, story-telling, music making, and playing hide and seek and quiet areas to sit and watch the world go by. As much play and learning takes place outdoors as indoors in the garden. Children are encouraged to spend as much time outside as they wish.

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