Memories of The Histories


Some of our audience's favourite memories of watching The Histories in the Courtyard Theatre.

'Being covered in fake blood, tears, feathers and police tape after Richard III.'

'Attending the Glorious Moment weekend was amazing - a hardcore bard-addict's dream! An especially nice touch was giving everyone a red and a white rose afterwards. To choose an actual favourite part from any of plays would be difficult - they were all wonderfully interpreted and staged.'

I took my little brother to see the nine-hour Henry VI trilogy as an introduction to Shakespeare. Luckily he loved it - as did I!'

'Knock-the-breath-outta-me moment was Talbot mourning his son in Act 4 of Henry VI, Part 1. Utterly heartbreaking, beautifully acted!'

'Covering Charlotte Higgins in blood when I was shot in the mouth in Richard III.'

'Rediscovering Henry IV in it's rightful place in the cycle rather than standalone. Also the dance at start of Richard III'

'Sitting through all eight over four day - numb bum but well worth it!'

'That amazing moment in Henry V when I suddenly GOT Shakespeare.'

Photo: Henry (Geoffrey Streatfeild) waits for the oncoming charge of the French at Agincourt in Michael Boyd's Henry V.

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